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Bye bye Livejournal.

I'm going back to blogger. (Y'all knew I'd come to my senses eventually, right?)

You can now find me at http://quiverfulloflove.blogspot.com

Hurry, go check it out!!!!
I am annoyed because my new way cool totally awesome layout (complete with way cool totally awesome and season appropriate ironic Regina Spektor lyrics), shows up in IE but NOT in Firefox.  AND I am totally annoyed at the ads. I subscribed for a year, but that ran out in March. My reasons for liking livejournal have pretty much ended... I am bored with the userpics and I haven't felt the need to have a friends only post in forever. I may go back to blogger since I can dispense with the ads that way and customize more. What I REALLY want to do is have my own website and blog @ WordPress. I can expand my online presence and influence that way. LOL! We'll see. THAT would be a long way down the road, anyhow.

Yesterday was FUN! The girls and I drove with Wendy and the kiddos to see Becky and her new baby. Liliana is precious! So little. I want another one!!! The trip there and back was fun too. You know I think I have had some of my favorite, best, memory-making conversations while riding in a car with someone. There's no where to go. You can't hide. You either sit there in silence, or you talk. LOL! It's amazing that just the simple little things like a car ride with someone can make all the difference in a relationship. Doesn't have to be anything fancy.

Unexpected Blessing

Sunday after church, Brad took me to Nolensville for lunch. I'd never been there. It's gorgeous! Especially right now with the fall colors. They have tree covered hills there! And it's just so quaint and small-towny with the few antique stores and little boutiques along the strip. The Sonic is  made of brick and has a play area! It's only 10 minutes from church and not far from 24... I want to move there!!!!

Anyway, we had a lovely afternoon. We ate at a Mexican restaurant and looked around an antique store. It made me miss my Grandma because the short time she lived near us when I was 10 or so, she would show me old pictures from the 40's and 50's and she gave me a couple pairs of old dress up gloves... she was my link to the past and seeing old things made me miss her.

The lady that runs the antique store, we heard her talking about her son, and how that was him singing in the music she was playing. It was Chicago songs, so I said, "Your son is Peter Cetera?" They were shocked I knew who Peter Cetera was, or Chicago. I said of course I do, my mama raised me well! LOL! Her son is NOT Peter Cetera, but he either took his place in Chicago or he's in a Chicago cover band. I never got that clarified. Funny thing is, the lady looked like an older female version of Peter Cetera! LOL!

We walked up the street to a CUTE CUTE CUTE little children's boutique... Sara laid claim to a little stuffed tiger. We've named it Hobbes. Sara was soooo cute walking up the street in her pigtails, holding on to her Daddy with one hand, and her tiger tucked under her other arm. Brad kept on saying, "You'd think it would sink in by now that this is MY little girl!"

After we got back to church, we still had an hour and a half until church time, so we went up the road to the International Market... I went in there a long time ago, but Brad had never been. It is an Asian and Mexican grocery. Brad wasn't too keen on the idea but we went anyway. Some very interesting merchandise! But it STINKS. They have fish along the back.... TONS of fish. Dead on ice, and swimming in tanks in the back. GROSS GROSS GROSS. Sara kept saying "Fishy?" They had fly paper hanging above the fish.... Brad said, at least they're trying!!! LOL!!! All we got was some Marias cookies, that I remember us getting when Bekah was little.

Now, for the unexpected blessing part!!!!

We were putting the girls back in the car, and the lady we were parked next to was getting in her car and noticed the girls... she was asking about how old they were, and then what size Emily wears... She said that she has a 21 month old girl who is really little, and just outgrew her 6 month clothes, and she had them with her in her van, and she had been meaning to donate them to Goodwill, but hadn't yet, and would we want them? YES!!! She had some on hangers, and pulled a HUGE bag out of the back of her van, and apologized for not having THOSE on hangers! Y'all, these clothes almost look new! CUTE fall & winter clothes! And I was just thinking that I was gonna have to get some fall clothes for Emily, because Sara's 6 month clothes are summer clothes. And look! God is SOOO good to provide for our kiddos. We just "happened" to go to the International StinkMarket, and just "happened" to be parked next to this lady, who easily could have drove off and never given us a second glance. I know that it was no coincidence. God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and He can direct someone to give me a cow when He wants them to! They may not realize they are being used of God but they are! So thank you Jesus and please bless that lady!!!

Last Weekend

I forgot to blog about our weekend!

Dad Riddell drove over. He got here Friday, and I made dinner,  chicken parmesan. It turned out alright. They feed us ALL THE TIME when we are together, so I wanted to do at least one meal on us.

Saturday, we went on Excursion Train to Watertown, where they were having the Mile Long Yardsale. The train trip was AWESOME!!! It's only the second time I've been on a train. We went with the Amish schoolchildren on the train in Eureka Springs when I was 12, and that was fun, but it only goes a mile down the track and turns around. This ride was 90 miles round trip.

I left the girls with Brad and Dad and went exploring through the different cars. It was sooo exciting! It feels like stepping back in time. In the dome car, it's a second level with glass all around. You could see the tops of the cars and it felt like I should see bandits runnong along them any minute!

And the bathrooms had lounges with a vanity desk... Some flapper girl should have been sitting there when I walked in!

It was a really really neat experience!

Watertown was fun too. Carnival food and perusing the stuff. Some people were yelling trying to sell their stuff... "For the next two minutes, these teasets are only $10!" She should have said, "The price goes down after that..." LOL!

And I found the awesomest thing for Kasey!!! Hope she doesn't mind something second hand. Dad got it for me, for Kasey. I just COULD NOT leave without it! I'll try to get a picture after I get it to her.

Saturday night, we went to Red Robin. Yumm! LOL! We discovered people do NOT pay attention to the cleanliness of the sides of tables. It was the entertainment for the night. Haha!

Then Dad came to church with us Sunday morning. We ate at Casa Fiesta after church and Dad left for home after that. It was such a NICE visit. Thanks for everything Dad!

We have awesome pictures but no way to show them yet. Sara has been talking all the time about her "Grampapa". Why she decided to add the extra "pa" is beyond me! But it's cute. :-)

Happier News

Emily has two teeth! She's been army crawling. She started saying "Mama" a couple weeks ago. Then last weekend, she started saying "Dada". We woke up to her beating on Daddy's face screeching out "dadadadadadadada!!!!!!!"  Hilarious. She is such a happy baby.

Sara learns a new word every day I think. Here lately she has been saying "Bye bye, y'all!" Southern girl all the way!

Funny story, Sara's first sentence:

The little boy I babysit is very persistent. When he decides he wants something, it's hard to get him to give it up! He decided he wanted Emily's bottle, because he finishes his sister's. I told him, No, youcan have your sisters but not Emily's. He wouldn't stop asking. Finally, Sara looked at him, and with a look that said, "You're in big trouble, mister!" told him, "Mama said no." I DIED! Her first sentence, and she was getting onto him. Such a big sister! Yikes. Hope she's a better big sister than I was!

She has started saying "Hey!" when she wants something. Not "Please", but "Hey!" She has got that one from her dad. Brad will say, "Hey, bring me some more tea while you're in there, wouldja?" I told him he's gonna have to watch your p's and q's so that Sara will!

Then, after getting onto Brad about THAT, I told Sara not to do something, and she rolled her eyes and narrowed them and cut them over at me, like, "Mom, you seriously need to get a grip..." and it was like looking in a mirror! WOW, I have never seen her look or do something and look JUST like me before!

So, apparently, I need to watch my facial attitudes. Ha ha!

Grandma passed away yesterday.

It's sad but I just hope she made it to heaven. I wish I'd seen more of her, both when it was on her plate and when it was on mine, ya know?

It's a weird feeling. Lord help me to not take for granted the people that I love. Help me to be a part of their lives, even when I think they may not want me to be. Even if they don't.

Pray for her husband, Albert. And her granddaughter Tami, who Grandma pretty much raised. They are both taking it pretty hard.

Pray my dad gets to go to the funeral.

While the kiddos play quietly behind me...

My Grandma, my Dad's mom, is not long for this world. She had a massive stroke and is non-responsive. They had to take her feeding tube out because it was making her bleed.

I am sad because we never went by her place in Jonesboro so she could meet her first great grandbaby. The last time I saw her was my wedding. We were never close, she's kind of eccentric and played favorites with the grandkids when we were growing up, but still I would rather have her than not have her, ya know? She's just... Grandma. She always did encourage my love of crochet and quilting and such and that is cool... even if she did try to copy me and make money off of her plagarism. LOL! I have some goofy memories of my Grandma that made me mad and sad and rolly eyed at the time, but make me laugh now. Like how she would burn everything she cooked but serve it anyway. She called me one Thanksgiving and said that she had burnt the carrot cake, but she had covered it up with lots of icing so no one would notice, so don't tell anyone. That cake was BLACK. How do you NOT notice that??? LOL!!! We always said that she could burn jello.

Anyway, the important thing is that I hope she has made things right with the Lord. She always told me that baptism saves you, so I hope that she has realized that getting wet years ago means nothing if your heart isn't clean.

Wish I had spent more time with her in recent years.

Like Al Pacino's Cash...

...Nothing lasts in this life....

Computer is dead again!

I think it's a God thing. A distraction removed. Now we'll have to actually do something productive with our evenings!

First day of babysitting! Everyone gets along great! These kiddos are sweeties, a 23 month old boy and a 10 month old little girl.  I think this is gonna work out good for all of us!

Oldest two are sleeping and youngest two are playing quietly, so I'm gonna go before that changes!


Just Yapping

I found the CUTEST way awesomest blog layout. I'm super excited about it, but it's a fall layout and I don't want to put it up too soon and it get old before it should. I'm all for fall though! Let's see how long I hold out.

Sara is learning a lot. She has a Clifford the Big Red Dog book.... "Here is the bunny, here is the kitty, but where is the big red doggie?" She will point to each, and the other items in the book. She is cracking me up because she only tries to say the words with the "y" or "ie" at the end (well, those are the only words we can make out!). And she says them in a high pitched voice. "Sissy? Kitty? Doggie? Squishy (as in a wet diaper...it comes out more like "Quwee-hee")?" She is trying to say "fishy" too but she can't get the "f" sound right. She has started saying Mama again! She quit for a long while, would only say Daddy, the stinker! Now we have a game. "Mama!" "Sara!" "Mama!" "Sara!" "Mama, Mama, Mama!" "Sara, Sara, Sara!" She giggles. FUN stuff!

Emily is growing up TOO fast! She was nearly 15 pounds when we saw the pediatrician. She is scooting and rolling around... she's gonna be crawling before I know it! She is trying to say mama... it's so cute.

The Browns were at Family retreat and they spoiled our girls good. We ate at Cracker Barrel on the way home and Bro. Brown got stuffed animals for them... Sara has been carrying around her kitty. It was soooo nice to sit and visit... we don't do that enough. Those two crack me up!

Family Retreat was awesome! We missed Friday night because of horrendous traffic on the interstate... we had to take an hour detour and we didn't get there until 11 or so. The room was sooooo nice. It was so nice to do something like that together, instead of Men's or Ladies' Retreats... those are good but I like having this too, where anybody can come. There were several things that blessed me. The testimonies! The testimonies! Prayer for the young people. It was good to visit with Erika! I still feel like a weirdo talking to her in person. Sorry Erika! Next time we'll have to bring laptops and chat across from each other and ease into conversation. LOL! Because of sleepy kiddos we missed fun time, but we were totally OK with that. It was nice to go back to our comfy room and have family time before the kiddos fell asleep. Sara thoroughly enjoys hotel rooms! She was sooo excited about our room. Sis. Lynn's doggie came in for a visit and Sara could hardly stand it! LOL!

OK, enough yapping for now. I'm going to upload pictures then post some.

Tagged but Lazy

10 of My Weird Random Facts, Habits or Goals

1. I have had people not be loyal to me so now I am loyal to a fault.

2. I collect liquid laundry soap containers. LOL! Not really! But I don't throw them away. There's like 5 in the laundry room right now. I tell myself I'm gonna poke a hole in the bottom so that I can get out the two loads' worth of soap that won't come out because of the stupid funnel thing at the top. I blame it on reading Dad's "Tightwad Gazette" book one two many times growing up. LOL! ( I did actually poke one ONCE... there really was two loads worth of soap left in there!)

3. I want a cute new diaper bag. LOL! I gave up on purses. I have a handy clutch purse that Mom gave me that I stick in the diaper bag.

4. I want something from Uppercase Living for my walls! That or Blik designs. I LOVE these things!

5. We don't own a television. We decided against it because we can't control what comes across it (even if you find something good to watch, commercials are horrid!). So we have the computer and we watch DVD's on it. BUT in February, all TV has to go to digital so if you don't have a digital TV or an adapter, TV won't come in. SO, in February, we're gonna get a big screen old NON-digital TV (LOL!) and a DVD player, and put it in the living room and put the computer in the bedroom. Yay for TV going digital! LOL!

6. I am thinking about starting a video blog called eyeBLOG. Because I'm vain and don't want my fat self on a camera so it would just be my eyes showing.

7. If all goes well at the interview next week, I'll be starting a babysitting job 4-5 days a week at someone's house. I can bring the kiddos with me and I'll be home before Brad is. Yay for some extra money that doesn't take me away from my kiddos!

8. I want to use some of my babysitting money to join the Y... I think. I have heard some bad things about Curves...the repetitiveness of the machines causing joint problems. I worry about the Y though because I don't want to put myself in a position where I would have some sweaty guy in shorts next to me. I want to go and check it out... if they had a girls only aerobics class or something that would be great!

9. It bugs me that I didn't turn out to be the crafty homemaker that I dreamed of being when I was 12-16. I have about a dozen unfinished projects packed away. I have gotten inspired lately, but it's not been to homey things. It's been to funky projects like from monstercrochet.com and roxycraft.com LOL!!!

10. I let food sit in my fridge WAY too long because I don't want it sit in the trash can (inside or outside) and stink. So I wait until Tuesday because Wednesday is trash day... but then Wednesday comes and I forget.